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    Quick Link -Commentaries and News Releases============

    For candidate information see our
    “GOOD GUYS LIST”™, for all 1998 Primary Elections.


    To our Commentary and News Release List™

    Monday, March 09,1998

    For Immediate Release;

    Contact Robert Colaco at (818)757-1776

    Van Nuys, California - Citizens For A Better America is proud today to announce it’s endorsements for the upcoming March 10, 1998 Texas primary elections.

    Along with our Republican candidates we are especially proud to once again be able to endorse a Democratic Candidate. Not since the November 1992 elections has a democrat qualified to be on Citizens For A Better America’s “Good Guys List”™ which follows in alphabetical order by last name:

    Roy Gafford, Republican Candidate for Kaufman County Commissioner, Precinct 4.

    Ray Hall, Republican Candidate for U.S. Representative,
    District 4.

    Charlie Howard, Republican Candidate for State Representative, District 26.

    Ken Leonard, Republican Candidate for Kaufman County Commissioner, Precinct 2.

    Howard Scott, Democratic Candidate for Brewster County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2.

    Larry Taylor, Republican Candidate for State Representative, District 24.

    Richard Watson, Republican Candidate for State Board of Education, District 14.

    Yes, we are very proud to be endorsing these seven candidates. These candidates understand the real threats facing America today and we are proud to encourage the voters of Texas to vote for them on Tuesday, March 10, 1998," said Robert Colaco, national chairman of Citizens For A Better America.

    Examples of this kind of character can be found in all our candidates, but let me brag on just one for a moment. Jerry Ray Hall had bid on and won a contract to provide temporary help to the Harris County hospital district, but Al James who was in charge of the purchasing section wanted a gift of $4,200 in cash. Mr. Hall immediately went to the District Attorney and because of Mr. Hall’s undercover work (at risk to his own life), Al James was arrested and later plead guilty to accepting a gift as a public servant. Mr. Hall could have just walked away but he did not.

    Mr. Chuck Noll, Assistant District Attorney and head of public integrity division who investigate allegations of public corruption and misconduct by public officials put it well when he said: “Mr. Hall cooperated with us completely and went above and beyond what the average citizen would have done.” He went on to say: “I can certainly verify that Mr. Hall did in fact help in a significant way with the District Attorney’s office in Harris County, Texas in investigating corruption in the procurement process and his assistance enabled us to obtain an indictment of a high level employee of the Harris County hospital district. We appreciate very much Mr. Hall’s cooperation. (While I can not and am not endorsing him anyone that would like to verify that can contact Judge Jan Krocker of the 184th District Court or myself).”

    Mr. Hall now faces a new challenge. His notarized candidate filing statement was altered after he turned it into the Texas Republican Party headquarters in Austin. Mr. Hall, filed as he did in 1996 for U.S. Representative as Jerry Ray Hall but Jerry was crossed out of the notarized statement that was filed with the Secretary of State’s office and his name will now appear on the ballot as only Ray Hall. It is unclear why no one contacted Mr. Hall regarding his document being altered, they just went ahead with the altered name without even questioning it.

    Citizens For A Better America is a national, grassroots, non connected, independent political committees who is committed to electing morality and values based candidates to public office from party committees to the presidency all over America.


    If you would like to be removed from our Commentary and News Release List™, please let us know in writing, include fax number. If you use this story we would appreciate you sending us a copy. Thank you!

    © copyright 1998 Citizens For A Better America ® (CFABA.org)

    Publisher of the Have You Been Lied To? ™ Flyer

    Robert Colaco, National Chairman, Founder.

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