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    01/29/2008 (CFABA.ORG) answers the question,"What about the Presidential Primaries?"

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    Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2008

    CFABA.ORG answers the question,"What about the Presidential Primaries?"

    For the 2008 Presidential elections, nationally recognized CFABA.ORG is taking the unique step of highlighting the great work that has already been done by a like minded morally conservative group.

    "Too often the conservative groups, go it alone and act like they are the only ones out there fighting for America, but what we actually need to do is to support one another, because we all have a role to play. We have always had links on our websites to organizations that we share common concerns or interests with, but this year we are going a step farther," said Colaco

    "Rather than ask the Presidential candidates to complete our questionnaire, which we always like them to do, we decided to try something new this primary. We want to recommend to our members and other voters that they review the work done by Wallbuilders.com and use their "Presidential Voters' Guides" which has candidate comparisons for both the major political parties, and use them to judge the candidates on their positions," said Colaco.

    "Wallbuilders has done an excellent job in highlighting the differences in the candidates on the issues our members, as well as the general public, care about. And they have also done an excellent job in supplying documentation to back up their conclusions," said Colaco.

    "We feel that recommending their survey to others is the kind of inter-organizational cooperation that is needed in the conservative movement. We feel it is the best way of getting this message and also the positions of the front runners of both political parties out to our members as well as the general public," said Colaco.

    To view the Wallbuilders.com "Presidential Voters' Guides" for the 2008 Presidential Primary from our server please click on the following link:

    Or go to http://www.Wallbuilders.com to view it on their website.

    "Yes, there are differences between our two organizations, that is part of what makes them both great. Our goal of seeing more inter-organizational cooperation between morally conservative groups is based on the idea that together we can accomplish more than we can separately, we strengthen each other," said Colaco.

    "CFABA.ORG is a political committee which means we can endorse candidates while Wallbuilders is a non-profit organization and as such can not advocate for a candidate, but it can educate the voters, and the folks at Wallbuilders educate with excellence. We support Wallbuilders in their stated goals of 'Educating the Nation' and of their goal to 'encourage people of faith to become involved in the civic arena'," said Colaco.

    CFABA.ORG goals are to elect morality and values based candidates who are pro America first, pro traditional family, pro life, pro 2nd amendment, pro USA sovereignty, pro constitutional candidates from the very lowest to the very highest political positions all over the United States of America.

    CFABA.ORG was founded on October 15, 1992. We have been been publishing our completed CFABA.ORG Candidate Questionnaire (TM), along with the rankings those candidates received, on our Good Guys List (TM) website, since November 2003. "We are always looking for candidates we can endorse," said Colaco. To see our latest list visit our site at the following link: http://www.goodguyslist.org

    To see the last example of a completed questionnaire please click on the following link: http://www.goodguyslist.org/CA/071106CA/0701001.htm


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