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    C O M M E N T A R Y!

    Saturday, March 30, 2002
    For Immediate Release:
    Sent via e-mail to our Commentary and News Release List™.
    For interviews or information contact Robert Colaco.
    By Robert Colaco, National Chairman of Citizens For A Better America ®
    with national headquarters in Van Nuys, California


    THE LIE:

    "The odds are secession could mean ..."


    By Robert Colaco, Volunteer National Chairman of Citizens For A Better America ®.

    The way that the opponents to San Fernando Valley and Hollywood, California Secession make it sound in their television commercial, which started airing in Los Angeles, the second largest media market in the United States, this last October, is that if Secession is passed on November 5th, 2002 then the result would be a third world banana republic, without police, fire or other forms of protection, and yet with higher taxes.

    I know a little something about third world banana republics because I came from one. My parents wanted my brother and I, out of Baghdad, Iraq because they feared Saddam Hussein. In September 1969, I legally immigrated to the United States of America as a twelve (12) year old, with my mother and brother but without my father who could not leave Iraq at that time without drawing suspicion to us all. He would join us later. In 1976 at the age of 19, I proudly became a United States Citizen on the 200th anniversary of America’s Independence.

    I fully recognize that Americans have lost many liberties and more of our liberties are at risk. More and more it appears that our Government at all levels like federal, state, county, city governments are providing awful, atrocious service to their constituents, you the Citizen.

    Yet, when someone in the political process attempts to communicate using half truths and misinformation that if we as Citizens pass a measure like Measure F (San Fernando Valley cityhood), or like Measure H (Hollywood, CA cityhood), which seeks more local control of our government, that the result will be "Higher taxes and reduced services" then they have gone too far and I must speak out in the boldest manner possible.

    As of the writing of this Commentary on Monday, October 28, 2002 the Anti-Secession campaign lead by City of Los Angeles, California Mayor Jim Hahn has gone too far. If you have not seen the commercial entitled: "SECESSION IS A GAMBLE," put out by LA United you can view it at their website, [http://www.launited.org], click on the link that says: WATCH "SECESSION IS A GAMBLE".

    The announcer says the following words with a backdrop of a roulette wheel spinning:

    "Secession is a gamble that’s not worth taking. Round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows. The odds are secession could mean higher taxes and cuts in vital services. Fewer cops and more crime. Secession is a roll of the dice that could mean disaster relief won’t be there when you need it. Secession is a gamble that could mean higher DWP rates and no rent control. Secession, it’s too risky. Don’t take a chance. Vote No on F and H, it’s too great a gamble."

    The only truth here is that every election is a gamble. Every time we vote we take a risk that the one we elect, or the measure we pass, will betray us, do us wrong, or not solve our problems. That they or it will reduce our services and maybe even raise our taxes. We take that risk every time we vote. Those who vote in Los Angeles took that risk when they elected Mayor Hahn. The alternative to living in a free country where we can take the risk of voting, is that of living under a repressive dictatorship like my family experienced in Iraq. That is just not an option.

    Like I said the only truth here is that every election is a gamble but it is the phrase "The odds are secession could mean..." and the results they present, that are in question. Who determined the "odds"? Is the power brokers of downtown Los Angeles or is it the sponsor of the this advertisement? What are they basing the "odds" on. Is it their lack of confidence that the voters of the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood are capable of governing themselves. Or is it just a campaign tactic not based on anything. That would be the first lie then. Just a little mistruth claiming "the odds are," rather than saying this is what they, the ones who will lose power and prestige, think might happen if these measures pass.

    I am so convinced their "odds" are not only wrong but actually a lie, because I have looked passed the ad campaigns of both sides and studied the actual documents that will govern these new cities if either or both Measure F or Measure H are passed. If you go to the Los Angeles County, Local Agency Formation Commission (LALAFCO.org) website and read through the 696 pages of 10 documents that you can find easily there. You will find there is absolutely nothing in those documents that would indicate that, "The odds are secession could mean higher taxes and cuts in vital services." In fact you will find that a careful and thought out plan has been laid out for a fair, safe and lawful transfer of power and resources from the city of Los Angeles to the new cities created by these measures.

    What I learned in Iraq was that when leaders can not win over the people they govern to their ideas or plans then they often turn to using fear to control their population and to keep themselves in power.

    Vote Yes on Measure F and Measure H and send the message that you will not be controlled by fear tactics.?


    If you would like to be removed from our Commentary and News Release List™, please let us know in writing, send an e-mail to RemoveMe@CFABA.org. If you use this story we would appreciate you sending us a copy. Or, if you would like to receive Releases instantaneously send an e-mail to AddMe@CFABA.org! Thank you!

    © copyright 2002 Citizens For A Better America ® (CFABA.org)

    Publisher of the Have You Been Lied To? ™ Flyer

    Robert Colaco, National Chairman, Founder.

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