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Friday, November 17, 2000
For Immediate Release:

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By Robert Colaco, National Chairman of Citizens For A Better America ®
with national headquarters in Van Nuys, California



Our governmental systems are broken.


Since the November 07, 2000 election night we have been hearing about the various ways that our “Democracy” is broken and how it needs to be fixed.

First of all. America is not a “Democracy.” It is a Constitutional Republic. A Democracy is when we as voters vote on decisions. A Constitutional Republic is when we the voters elect Representatives to make the decisions for us and if we do not like those decisions then we have the opportunity to vote them out of office.

We elect a U.S. Congress and legislators to our state governments as well as representatives in our counties, cities, and local communities to govern for us so we can go about our daily lives not thinking about such matters. This is what a Constitutional Republic is, delegating the decisions to our representatives.

We experience democracy in the many states where there are ballot measures. Ballot measures or propositions are legislation that we all decide we want or do not want. Ballot measures can be extremely effective. Many times though they are used by legislators because they do not have the will to make the tough decisions so they leave it up to the voters at large.

We have been hearing calls that the Electoral College system is old and not necessary any more, antiquated and so on. We have heard those comments from elected representatives such as California Governor Gray Davis, and Senator Elect from New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Just today I came across an editorial written by the Los Angeles Times entitled “A Land of Law,” written on November 09, 2000. There are rare instances that I agree with the Los Angeles Times, this is one of those moments. They say:

“In the heat of the moment, there are demands to dump the electoral college in favor of direct election of the president by popular vote. On its face it makes sense, but the electoral college is a foundation of our federal system, in which much power rests with the states. Yes, by basing the number of electors on Senate as well as House representation, smaller states have proportionately more power. But if the popular vote were all that mattered, what candidate would ever waste time on small or thinly populated states like Wyoming or Maine? Congress considered and rejected proposals to abolish the electoral college in 1969, 1977 and 1979.”

From a personal point of view, I am deeply concerned about any system of government that would open the door for any kind of dictatorship, dictatorships like we have in so many countries around the world including the one I was born in, Iraq. As Americans we can truly be thankful to God that our founding fathers established our governmental systems to provide safety mechanisms so that the possibility of a political take over by a dictator is lowered. The electoral college system provides such a safety mechanism.

The electoral college disperses power back to the states. As the Times editorial stated it gives less populated states a say in the presidential process. It also lets the states determine just how their own electors must vote, some must vote the same as the popular vote for that state while others allow electors to vote their conscience with the party winning the popular vote picking the electors. The power remains in the states.

Another safety mechanism is the differences between our various states and how they run their elections. There is even safety built into allowing different types of ballots to be used by different states and counties. These mechanisms disperse power back to the states and away from a central authority. These mechanisms are critical for the United States of America to be just that, a country of united states. States, united for the common defence as stated in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution but retaining their individual state sovereignty.

We have seen since election night, November 07, 2000, that every vote counts. While we go through the various governmental processes, we as Americans can be confident that we still have a system of government based on the constitution and on law and not one like that of Iraq where the dictator always wins the vote count because he has access to a unified system that he controls. We can be confident that our Constitution and Laws are there doing their job protecting our Constitutional Republic. We can watch as the electoral college does what it was designed to do, bring some equity and balance between rural and urban populations.

The Constitution is not like some appliance that is old and should be replaced with a new model. It is the envy of the world because it works. We see it working right now, bringing calm and stability to our lives while we await the eventual resolution of the presidential election. In fact we see it working in the freedom we have to look into the whole process and see if there is any mischief. There may be some, we are a big country with many individuals in it, but that is not a good enough reason to throw out the whole process.

We at Citizens For A Better America ® want to see fair and honest elections, and we belive the best way to have fair and honest elections is when the electorate stays active and vigilant regarding their government. Do this by voting corruption out of office. We recommend candidates that appear on our “Good Guys List”™ to replace them. I invite anyone who is discouraged about the year 2000 elections to request my newsletter, “The Good News Report”™. It will be discussing, “How we can affect the elections in 2001 and beyond.” There will be a next election and we need to get ready.

To request this report send an e-mail to HQ@CFABA.org or Fax me at (818) 757-XXXX or send me a snail mail note to P.O. Box 7647, Van Nuys, CA 91409-7647. “The Good News Report”™, is only available via regular mail.


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We are planning to convert from faxing and e-mailing to just e-mailing these Commentaries, by November 2000. If you would like to receive these via e-mail please send us an e-mail saying “Add Me” to AddMe@CFABA.org!

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Robert Colaco, National Chairman, Founder.

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