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Friday, March 21, 1997

For Immediate Release;

Contact Robert Colaco at (818)757-1776

Group challenges the News Media to expose the truth about the failure of NAFTA and challenges Congress to JUST SAY NO to President Clinton’s “Fast Track” to add more countries to NAFTA.

Van Nuys, California. “We were outraged as are many Americans after viewing Prime Time Live on ABC on Wednesday, March 19, 1997" said Robert Colaco, National Chairman and Founder of Citizens for a Better America. Prime Time live reporter John Quinones showed us how Mexican boys were so desperate for money that they were selling their bodies to pedofiles. As John Quinones in the beginning talking about Balboa Park in San Diego, California says: ”A place where innocence is sold for a pair of sneakers and men wait to prey on Mexican boys."

“It is an absolute outrage to think that from what was communicated on the show that the San Diego Police Department is seemingly allowing pedofiles to have sex with Mexican boys without the threat of prosecution.”, said Colaco. “We are absolutely outraged by what I saw on this program, we must look deeper at this problem of why these Mexican boys are feeling that desperate to enter the United States illegally and allow their bodies to be used in this horrible way.”

A February 26, 1997 letter entitled “NO NAFTA Expansion:” from Citizens Groups in Chile, Mexico, the United States and Canada to President Frei, President Zedillo, President Clinton and Prime Minister Chreitien, provides some insight as to why these boys in such large numbers feel so desperate.

“We are writing as representatives of citizens of Chile, Mexico, Canada, and the United States with a strong message: We do not want NAFTA expansion.”

“Three years of experience under NAFTA has proved it to be an unmitigated failure for most people in Mexico, Canada and the United States. The fundamental question raised with recent talk to expanding NAFTA, first to Chile and then throughout our hemisphere, is whether NAFTA should serve as the model for such integration. NAFTA has now provided substantial evidence that the answer is unequivocally no.”

“The benefits promised to citizens in Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. of greater economic stability, more jobs, higher wages, and a better environment have not occured and significant problems have followed.”... (For far more information visit http://www.citizen.org on the Internet).

“Today, Citizens For A Better America ® agrees that we must not have any further NAFTA expansion. NAFTA has given Mexico it’s worst economic crisis in 60 years, Mexican unemployment is up by two million, ten of thousands of businesses are failing.” Colaco said.

“Things may soon not fair any better for the U.S.A. U.S. trade went from a surplus of $1.7 billion with Mexico in 1993 to a U.S. trade deficit of $16 Billion, estimates are as high as 500,000 people loosing their jobs because of NAFTA, there is a truck load of data that we should stop NAFTA NOW,” said Colaco. Colaco continues, “How soon will it be until it’s our American boys desperately selling their bodies because they can’t get work.”


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Robert Colaco, National Chairman, Founder.

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