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Political Bio - Robert Colaco

I was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1957. I came to understand the critical aspect of having a sound and stable government at a very early age. My father would tell me that I was actually born during a military conflict within the country and one of the conflicting parties was attacking hospitals. Because of my fathers work I was able to be born in the American Hospital the only one that was not being attacked at the time.

My parents had met each other through written correspondence in the early 1950s. My father worked for the American embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. My mother worked for the American embassy in Tehran, Iran.

When I was a candidate for Congress between December 1988 and June 1992 my wife Gail and I came up with the term Mediterranean Mut because it perfectly described my family background and genealogy. On my dad's side there is Indian from the country of India but further back we have Portugal. There is also Chaldean Assyrian, the ancient people group in the Bible.

The family oral history goes like this: My dad's father while considering the catholic priesthood made a tour of the holy land, while there he was encouraged to visit the cathedral in Baghdad Iraq because it was renown. He did just that and while there experienced something that change his life and mine. He heard a women sing with a voice that was the most wonderful he had ever heard. It is said in our family that he fell in love with that voice. He asked for her hand in marriage and as I said it changed his life and mine. His wife, my grandmother was the one of Chaldean Assyrian decent.

On my mother's side there is Greek and Armenian. In fact my grandmother's first husband decided to take her and my mother who was a young child at the time to voluntarily go to the Soviet Union to start a business under Stalin. My grandmother would tell the family how she stood in bread lines in the freezing cold for hours and hours to only get bread that had glass in it as a filler to make the bread last farther.

After enduring the Soviet Union's abusive and horrible government she decided to flee the country with her daughter, my mother, through a river that bordered the Soviet Union and the country of Iran.

My grandmother told us of how she put my mother in what she described as a tire (we call them inter tubes) and she started to swim across this incredibly cold river. She managed to get to the middle of it where there was a small island with tall plants like corn stocks. She then saw military personnel coming up and seeing the footsteps of the other side of the river that they had walked on to begin swimming across this river. Those military personnel obtained a boat and made their way to the island.

Those same military personnel came onto that island started searching for them with their bayonets.

My grandmother would tell us that those military personnel literally stood directly above my grandmother and my mother who was a small child and as she prayed, they did not see them or hear them.

My grandmother would thank God for the incredible miracle that those military personnel did not see them or hear them. She also would thank God that they did not drown which they almost did.

My grandmother crossed the rest of the river and got into Iran. With help from a local farmer whom she had knocked on the door of, she eventually ended up at her embassy in Tehran, Iran.

My parents because of their work in American Embassies in both Iraq and Iran and other such work were under constant surveillance. My father would tell us that our mail was read, our phone was tapped, and our house was under surveillance.

My father decided after the 1967 war between Israel and its Arab neighbors which lasted just six days that he would legally immigrate our family to the United States of America.

He did that because the Iraqi government was one of the Arab neighbors that was involved in the conflict. The Iraqi government with a kangaroo court convicted men of spying for Israel and the USA. They publicly hanged those men in the central park in Baghdad like Central Park in New York City. As if that was not enough they also showed these public hangings on every television station in the country.

My father would also tell us that employment applications required that you reveal your religion and that the correct answer was that you were a Muslim. My father was not a Muslim.

My mother, my brother and I immigrated legally to the United States of America and arrived in Los Angeles California during Labor Day weekend in 1969.

I chose to become a U.S. citizen in 1976 also known as (AKA) a naturalized American Citizen in 1976 during the 200th anniversary of the founding of the United States of America.

I decided to run as a candidate for the United States house of representatives in December 1988 and later begin Citizens For A Better America(R) (CFABA.ORG) on October 15, 1992.

I am extremely passionate about the United States of America not becoming one of those horrible countries that I, my parents, and my grandparents escaped from.

This biography is shared by enormous numbers of legal immigrants to the United States of America. And yes I did say "legal immigrants", because it is my strong belief that those coming to the United States of America should come with the mentality they are coming to stay. As a result they do all they can to invest in their newfound country.

We asked Congressman Bill Dannemeyer to become our honorary national chairman in June of 1994 after his attempt to become a United States Senator. During the next presidential election in 1996 he said to me during a phone call while we were independently as an organization following Pat Buchanan to support him for his run for President, "I know why you work so hard as a volunteer in politics, because you do not want to see America become like Iraq."

Will you support my passion "Working To Make America A Better America(TM) through the work of Citizens For A Better America(R) (CFABA.ORG)?

I hope your answer is - Yes!.

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