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Have you visited us before and just want to know what's been added, well this is the right place.

This page has been archived and will no longer be updated. See our Home page for the newest item on our site.

New as of 9/21/2004

  • We have launched our new KeepTheCross.com website
  • The ACLU has threatened to sue Los Angeles County if it does not remove the little cross in its seal. Three of the members have caved in and they took out the cross. We think that was the wrong thing to do and we are supporting the petition drive to keep the cross in the seal.
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New as of 9/21/2004

New as of 9/03/2004

  • We have added the ability to DONATE ONLINE. So, now you can pay for your membership by credit card online on a secure server.

New as of 10/04/2003

New as of 04/10/2003

  • We have added the Google™ search to many of our pages, it can be found in the "Site Directory" just like on this page.

New as of 02/28/2003

  • We have combined our topics pages for 2002 Commentaries and News Releases and our Have You Been Lied To? ™ Flyer Articles into one page for greater ease of use.
    2002 Commentaries and News Releases
  • Also we have added things our by subject page that only appear on our website, such as our Leadership page with photos.

New as of 01/23/2003

  • We have added a Google™ search feature to our website. It can be found on our main page near the bottom.Search Our Sites

New as of 08/28/2002

New as of 07/30/2002

New as of 03/04/2002

New as of 11/06/2001

  • You will notice our new logo!! That is because we have received our Registered Trademark for Citizens For A Better America®.
  • Along with updating our site to reflect the new trademark status we all did some additional sprucing up and added more links on the Links! page.

New as of 09/11/2001

  • We join the rest of the nation and world as we grieve the tragic loss of life that has resulted from the attack on our nation and we encourage America's as they renew their commitment to this great nation and the principals it is founded on.
  • We have added The Pledge of Allegiance on our home page as well as the: Our Identity Stolen?    

New as of 07/19/2001

  • We have added some of our older commentaries and news releases to our website.
    2002 Commentaries and News Releases
  • We have changed the look of our links page. We hope this makes the page work better.

New as of 06/30/2001

New as of 11/17/2000

  • We have changed our main domain name site to www.CFABA.org and will use www.CitizensForABetterAmerica.org as our mirror site. This is because the new longer domain names can not be viewed using older browsers common with win 3.x systems and some older win 95 systems.
  • Sorry!! If you had problems loading our pages since we moved it was due to the hosting company we started with. We have moved our main site www.CFABA.org to a better hosting company and we have been very pleased with the new service. If you still have problems please let me know, e-mail "attn:Gail" at Webmaster@CFABA.org
  • We have not moved the mirror site www.CitizensForABetterAmerica.org yet so you may still have problems there. We hope to have that issue resolved soon.

New as of 11/07/2000

New as of 10/21/2000

New as of 02/18/2000

New as of 02/01/2000

  • We have removed the poll, but we did have fun with it while it lasted.
  • Our Year 2000 Primary Election Candidate Questionnaires are now available and are being sent out to candidates all across America, so if you are a candidate why not request one today-
    Request A Candidate Questionnaire

New as of 01/25/2000

New as of 10/26/1999

New as of 02/11/1999

  • A Contact the U.S. Senate list has been added to help you in letting the senators know what you think.
  • This list is also available as a download file in DBF format. Download file

New as of 01/15/1999

  • The most notable change is the "Front Page" of our web site. This is a direct result of our new tracking system. We wanted to make it easier to find the more interesting and current items on our site. Let us know if we missed something or if something is not working.
  • A New Logo for Citizens For A Better America ® now appearing on each page.
  • We added a poll on that "Front Page", but it is just for fun, make sure you vote. This poll is for entertainment purposes only!

New as of 12/16/1998

New as of 12/11/1998

New as of 12/08/1998

New as of 12/03/1998

New as of 12/08/1998

New as of 11/01/1998

  • Watch the Elections Online by following links to various state government web site many of which will be providing the election results as they are counted. Click Links! to get started.

If this is your first visit to our site you may want to bookmark it. There is a lot here and you may not be able to see it all in one visit. Be sure to sign up and Sign up to join us in publicly endorsing CA Prop. 22 this way you can get all the Commentaries and News Release items right off the press.

Thank you again for visiting.

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